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Icarus Girl

by Siobhan McCrudden

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Johnny thumbnail
Johnny I don't normally come across as a folkie but I heard this album this afternoon and had to nip over to @Bandcamp to purchase it! Siobhan's voice is captivating, the musicianship is excellent and the whole album is a delight! Favorite track: The Mermaid in Your Glass.
Timo thumbnail
Timo This album is among my Top 5 of 2018, and it is the only Folk / Singer-Songwriter album in my 2018 Top 10.
Sure, Siobhan McCruddens voice is very beautiful and special, but it would be not fair to reduce the songs just to her voice. The songwriting and the arrangements are also absolutely great and it has not a bit of monotony - something I often find in other releases of this genre. I highly recommend to give this album a try!!! Favorite track: The Mermaid in Your Glass.
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    Icarus Girl is the debut album by Siobhan McCrudden - 9 track CD comes in an elegant 6 panel digi-sleeve (lancing pack).

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Cassiopeia's Chair I buried my heart deep Beneath the line of snow And when the thaw had passed It didn’t want to know And all the children came Their laughter sweet as spring My heart slept on and on and never heard a thing It dreamed of you Asleep I heard A melody With eyes of violet blue That ribbon like As I awoke Went slipping out of view But on the breeze I heard again The song of everything It laid the stars Upon the earth Like gifts before a king And at Cassiopeia’s chair I fell into the air And found you everywhere Now I’ve been digging deep Beneath the earth and stone To find my heart had gone And left me all alone But rising like a dream I finally understand Here beneath the apple tree Fruit falls into my hand And still I dream of you
Following You (lyrics) I am older than I was Reflected in the glass I am summer turned to rain A figure from the past And all the while I’m following you Stepping close behind Turning circles Time again The way you stalk my mind I was your only one Now my house is full of ghosts You know them all by name You know anger You know grief But hope’s the one I blame She reels me in and pulls me close I’m tethered like a kite Oh spool me out Let me go Your heart has taken flight But oh she pulls me down again, again, again, again oh… Piece by piece Bit by bit We pulled ourselves apart Till the pieces won’t all fit Is that my soul? Was this your heart? And if we were much greater than The sum of all these things Why do we have to analyze the joy that they could bring It’s gonna pull me down again, again, again, again, oh… Now you pull me down again, again, and oh what then? And all the while I’m following you Falling far behind Broken like the memory You cannot call to mind.
Oh little red Here is the well that they dug you, There ‘neath the salt and the snow. Pushing you in was the easy part love, Pulling you out, I don’t know. All of the lies that they told you, Are just like the ice on a stream; Under the weight, Of the words they won’t state; All of the things that they mean. There we were talking to strangers, Wearing the cape that I made. Red is the colour of danger, And I wonder now, Why you stayed. Cold as your breath on that morning, As it hung in a cloud on the air. Nothing is said, Vaporous still, I hear it everywhere. So many times you have heard the voice. So many times you ignored. And now she comes, To bite at your heels, How can you say you were not warned? Have you been talking to strangers? Here, in the bed that I made? Oh, red is the colour of danger. And I wonder now How Far You strayed. I will be talking to strangers, For all of the days that remain. You are the colour of danger, And you bloom in my heart, Just to stain. Run away.
The Forest 04:37
The Forest There is a path rolls through the forest, Oh its course is straight and true. Though alone I walk upon it, Everything I see is you. Here be dragons, here be ogres, But in fear I shall not reel. Fairy tales and scary stories, You are the only thing that’s real. I am aware that I am weak I will not think, I will not speak, Or look before I leap. But I could love you every part, From your bones to your heart, For all the days that I have left to start. Now the night, as black as velvet, Tastes so sweet upon my tongue, And the tale as I would tell it, Is of this thing we have begun. And the winter will grow colder, As the wind will learn my name, But as sure as I grow older, I am just the same. Should you wake to find one morning, As the light rolls through the trees, Out of nowhere, without warning, I have brought you to your knees. Then I will know that you are weak, You will not think, you will not speak, Or look before you leap. Oh I will love you every part, From your bones to your heart, For all the days that I have left to start.
The Mermaid In Your Glass Hear the rush the hush See the mermaid in your glass All you ever loved is all that will remain And as you fall you’re going Fall too fast. And all she’ll say Before she swims away Is tell me now What you’re prepared to lose You call her name You’ll never be the same And then you realize Just how she made you choose And how it sounds like an excuse We built a house of cards And backed against the walls Saw the joker leering in And as you rolled the dice I knew that it would fall But from the wreck I hoped We could begin But all you’ll say Before you turn away Is cut the deck I’ll go and get a drink You called her name, You’ll never be the same Did you remember me, As you began to sink? Oh my darling, Did you even think? All she’ll say, before she swims away is tell me now what you’re prepared to lose you’ll call her name, you’ll never be the same when did you realize just how she made you choose oh how did we lose? Hear the rush, the hush, the blood that’s in your veins
Iron Goddess 04:10
Iron Goddess I am the Iron Goddess I know your name Rusting on my axis As the world spins round again No prophecy Could foretell me Yet here I shall remain. Passing down the ages As galaxies ferment Alchemy as it rages Distilling my intent No alibi Or anemic lie The planets circumvent I am the iron mother Who beats inside your chest Till you are torn asunder Your metal to the test This fools gold Is eons old... I am she The ever free The she who loves you best I’ll draw you to your rest.
Icarus Girl 04:32
Icarus Girl we climbed the mountain to the ridge to see the stars they shot like silver arrows to bury their heads in my heart And I did not die from these wounds oh brighter than the the sun your hand in mine we rose to meet them one by one and I am amazed to say theres much I did not know about the space you'd leave whenever you go I was not afraid to fall oh I was scared to fly an icarus girl her wings so bright against the sky I have crashed and I burned to the ocean a salt pool of my tears But that was long ago the tide wore down my fears you held my hand you did not hold me down I have read between the lines your palms are like a map I am lost I am found and I know that there is no way back Oh Icarus, Icarus come and lay your wings to rest your feathers fall you soar forever in my chest and I am amazed these days... Just never go.....
Fragile 03:39
Fragile Oh come on And draw your breath Don’t cry your tears into the nape of my neck Cos oh my love My time for you Is fleeting I hear them singing the summer on Here in the wind that comes to move me along And don’t I feel Like a paper bird this morning Oh you know it boy It was your sweetness that I ran from Not the harsh words That I feared the most Try to understand that I was like the flowers growing Fragile and broken when you hold me too close And down your path all of the blossoms fall When I return they will be gone and oh In the east the Light that grows Just Hurts my eyes You wake me Break me Shake me from your side And to your branches no more I may bide And surely as these flowers fall The sun will rise Oh you know it boy.... But in between the words you mean There grows a shady evergreen That will not cry his tears on to The ground And something bout the things you said Will roll their silence round my head And in between your words I hear you’re crying out you’re crying now and how and now your hands Just hang there by your side they were the worlds in which I used to hide But now with mine I Thumb a ride And I am leaving I am leaving I am But there’ll be thoughts of you that haunt my mind The broken promises I left behind And unexpected As it is I am grieving.... Oh you know it boy It was your sweetness that I ran from Not the harsh words that I feared the most Try to understand that I was like the flowers growing Fragile and broken And now I know Oh....
A Sin Nonetheless The sight of him, a mortal sin You turn your head away. Then on your knees Your rosaries You find the breath to say. But the soft pull of his light, You’re a moth Out in the night. Turn on your wing, Confess everything. To whom did you pray? Oh pious one, you are undone, Like ribbons on a dress. Now from your lips a different song, You sing as you confess. Now sinners and saviors will feast. And inside every beauty a beast. Oh, oh, oh.... How shall you repent, When sin, heaven-sent, Is sin nonetheless?


Icarus Girl is the debut album by Siobhan McCrudden released on hungersleep records.

Described as “a singer who is gifted with one of the finest voices in contemporary UK folk music”, Cardiff-based Siobhan crafts songs of intensity and sweetness, recounting personal stories whilst reflecting a vivid fascination with dark folk tales and superstitions. Raised in London to parents with Scottish and Irish roots, her vocal leanings reflect early memories of folk musicians at family gatherings and a strong desire to connect with these emotive beginnings.

Not afraid of embracing matters personal in her songwriting, Siobhan describes new single Icarus Girl, with its infectious shuffling rhythm and a nod to Americana, as a song about “the experience of falling in love having the power to resurrect old hope you thought long gone”.

In a recent 5* album review, R’n’R Magazine described Siobhan’s voice as “a glowing lamp on a string that loops back to Shelagh McDonald and Joni Mitchell” and Folk Radio UK warned “Keep an eye on her journey, this singer songwriter has real potential”.

Earlier singles The Mermaid in Your Glass and Following You enjoyed support on BBC Radio Wales (Adam Walton, Bethan Elfyn), Radio Cardiff, numerous regional stations and several Spotify playlists.

‘Icarus Girl’ is carefully arranged and produced by acclaimed artrock musician GRICE who has infused the songs with his subtle yet distinctive instrumentation. The album features musical contributions by a few select musicians including Steve Bingham (No-Man, Judy Dyble) on violin, who complete the blend bringing an understated warmth and intricacy to the album.

Performing as a duo or with a full band, Siobhan has showcased her music at numerous events this year, both large and intimate, including Wales’ largest platform for musicians; Focus Wales in Wrexham, Hubfestival Cardiff, Roath Folk Festival, How The Light Gets In Festival in Hay and at Acapela Studios. She launched her debut album to a sell out audience in April and has been steadily gaining acclaim with reviewers and fans alike.

Siobhan is due to perform at the Fresh on the Net Showcase in London in 2020.

Her voice, rich and evocative, is ably accompanied and produced by art-rocker GRICE’ - Freshonthenet - Fresh Faves, BBC6 Music

'Siobhan McCrudden really does have a voice of great intensity and beauty' NewSoundWales

‘music from the morning mist at the edge of a wood’ From the Margins
‘Absolutely beautiful, just stunning, the voice is something else’ Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

‘There’s both a misty mountain chill, so evocative of the open landscapes of Scotland, in tandem with sweet Irish melodicism too. Stir this up with the assuredness that can only come from the sharp-edged New York streets and you have yourself an artist to watch ‘Folk Radio’
ICARUS GIRL (9-track album/CD & download) is available from Bandcamp: siobhanmccrudden.bandcamp.com/releases Burning Shed and all usual digital outlets (iTunes, Spotify Amazon and more) on hungersleep records _______________________________________________________________
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Facebook: www.facebook.com/siobhanmccruddenmusic/
Twitter: twitter.com/McCruddenmusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/siobhanmccrudden
Bandcamp: siobhanmccrudden.bandcamp.com/releases
Website: www.hungersleepproductions.com/siobhanmc.html
Instagram: www.instagram.com/siobhan_mccrudden/


released December 7, 2018

Music & Lyrics by Siobhan McCrudden
Siobhan McCrudden: vocals, acoustic guitar
Grice Peters: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys, string arrangements, drum treatments and sound design. Vocal harmonies on tracks 2 & 8).
Al Swainger: bass, double bass
Steve Bingham: violin
Brenda Stewart: viola
Glen Hawkins: mandolin
Jack Lawrence: autoharp

Produced by GRICE
Mixed by Duncan Chave & GRICE
Engineered by Duncan Chave & GRICE
Mastered by Andy Miles at Stardelta Audio Mastering
Recorded at Sound Gallery Studios, UK. www.sound-gallery.net
Cover Art & design: Edo Velthuis

The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Siobhan McCrudden under exclusive licence to hungersleep productions Ltd www.hungersleepproductions.com

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
© 2018 Siobhan McCrudden
℗ 2018 Siobhan McCrudden

All songs published by Integrity Publishing Ltd


all rights reserved



Siobhan McCrudden Wales, UK

Described as “a singer who is gifted with one of the finest voices in contemporary UK folk music”, Cardiff-based Siobhan crafts songs of intensity and sweetness, recounting personal stories whilst reflecting a vivid fascination with dark folk tales and superstitions.
Absolutely beautiful, just stunning, the voice is something else’ Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales
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